of all worlds lost

Of Stars Profaned - Prima Noctis - Part 1

The travelling inquisitor father Thomassin of Sertal is summoned to a remote village to assist the townsfolk in uncovering the origins of a series of abductions.

Of Stars Profaned - Prima Noctis - Part 2

Father Thomas confronts the mysterious masked Lord in his private study to learn what has happened to the abducted townsfolk.

Of Stars Profaned - The Judge

Years have passed since the last expansion war of the Ennearchy and the clerics of St. Magdaleen prepare for things to come.

Of Stars Profaned - Demon Boy

Father Thomas and his acolyte Reudigan head out to their first excursion. But their journey gets interrupted twofold.

Of Stars Profaned - Doppelgänger

During a pirate assault on their ship, Thomas faces a spectre from the past, while little Reudigan engages in serious insubordination.

Of Stars Profaned - Crows

Thomas and Reudigan continue their journey on foot. But they are being stalked by the feathered mercenary, who still has a score to settle.

Of Stars Profaned - Zatara - Part 1

When confronted with the history of Sevarians struggle in Lerthia, Thomassin decides to share the story of his own deepest loss.

Of Stars Profaned - Zatara - Part 2

After arriving in a mysterious village, Zatara and Thomas fight the Pheromancer with all their might. How much slaughter can their souls endure?

Of Stars Profaned - Rizner [COMING FALL 2020]

Thomassin and his apprentice continue their journey on foot. Along their path to the frontier they face threats even the veteran inquisitor never deemed possible.

Of Stars Profaned - The Monster and the Fool [COMING FALL 2020]

Chapter description coming with Chapter 9 release.

Updates will be irregular until further notice.

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